Monday, 17 June 2013

Ian & The Rebels Re-Union

Ian & The Rebels celebrated their first complete re-union of the band. Formed in 1963, this was the the first time the complete Ian & The Rebels had performed together since the summer of 1964. After getting together for a few jam sessions in Keith Hubbard's studio and a performance at the fourth Rockin' at The YPC gig in March 2013, which was played with four of the original members plus; filling in for Chris Kenny who was away in Australia, Shooter's Bob Dickenson, the band played their first full re-union gig at Ormskirk Golf Club on Saturday 15th June 2013. The band received a brilliant reception. Alas, unfortunately we have recently been informed that drummer Chris has serious health problems and under doctors orders will, at best, only be able to play one number guest performances with the band. This is a video of the performance at Ormskirk Golf Club